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Kirk Lorange

Licks à Lorange - Lick # 2 - A moveable Blues lick

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I just put up the second link of my new Licks à Lorange series. This new one is a very straight forward moveable lick you can play over a Dominant 7th chord. By 'moveable' I mean that you can move the whole lick pattern up or down the fretboard depending on what key you're in. There's nothing very tricky about it but it does incorporate a bend, so if you're having trouble with them, here's a chance to practice up.

Do try to start keeping track of the numbers as shown in these videos. The most important aspect of being a proficient player is to know what it is you're playing, and the language used is those numbers. In moveable lines like this their importance becomes clear. If I were to use note names to describe the line, I'd have re-write them for each position change and you wouldn't be able to see how they relate to each other. The numbers don't change. They're the 'formula' for the line, no matter what key you're playing it in.

What's the best way to learn how to quickly 'see' the numbers? You guessed it: PlaneTalk. The main lesson PlaneTalk teaches is how to see the whole fretboard as numbers. Once you can do that, you can literally see licks, riffs, lines, chords, harmony, double stops all over the place. Getting your fingers to play them is another thing altogether, of course, but that's where practice comes in.

How often do I practice? Every day.

Enjoy Lick #2 - A moveable Blues lick

If you missed lick # 1, you can check that one out here: Blues lick in E à la Jimi Hendrix.

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