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Kirk Lorange

Licks à Lorange - My new series of free lessons!

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Licks à Lorange - New series of free lessons.

I have started a new series of free video lessons that I'm calling 'Licks à Lorange'. I have an endless supply of licks 'n' riffs, most of which I make up on the spot, and I decided to get some of them down on video rather than just let them float off into the ether.

Most will be blues based licks, but not all, and I'll also be doing some 'Slide Licks à Lorange' series too. I've set up a new section of my PlaneTalk site where I'll publish them all, which will happen once a week.

Blues lick in E à la Jimi Hendrix is the first lick, a pretty easy one in E, reminiscent of a Jimi Hendrix line, please feel free to comment and to use the 'Share' buttons to pass them around among your guitar playing contacts.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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