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Which of these is the best for a starter?

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Which ever one feels best in your hands. Try them out and find out how they feel combined with tonal quality.

You can't judge a guitar by how it looks, what it costs or if someone else likes it.

They all have a particular feel and sound to them and each of us has just a bit of a different taste as to how that should be.

I have 3 guitars ranging from $300 to $2500. I bought each one because of how it felt in my hands when played

and somehow, regardless of the price differences, all 3 feel quite similar.

The real difference is in the quality of their sound since mine are acoustic.

Price can bring you higher quality but "feel" is something that personally connects you to a guitar, makes playing easier

and is somewhat independent of price, within reason of course.

The above is just my personal opinion and is worth exactly what you paid for it. :escape:

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Gasbag is correct, the one that fits you best and sounds the best to you. If you have the opportunity to visit a shop and play as many as you can get your hands on it would be well worth your wild. As a review both the Yamaha 700 and the F325 are good starters and under $200.

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The Epiphone Les Paul would probably be my choice from them guitars.It is your choice Ghomes.

Like the others say try out plenty of guitars before you buy.Even if your a begginer some guitars will feel better than others in your hands.

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I like the butterfly one!! I'm KIDDIN!!!!

For what it's worth, I agree with what's already been said but, if you don't mind, I'd like to help save you some time, money, stress, anxiety and Tylenol!!! I started playin about 6 months ago and have been through a TRUCKLOAD of guitars, tryin to find "The Right One". I STARTED by buyin em off of Craigslist without havin any idea of what I was doin. I'd find a cheap one and buy it. Lemme tell ya, THAT was a mistake!!! To date, I bet I've owned more that 15 guitars!! No kiddin!! Like the other guys said, go to a music store or guitar shop, even if you have to drive a ways, and test drive as many as you can. The sales people can/will/should help you with questions. Don't go with an "I'm gonna buy a guitar today if it kills me" attitude because then you will just get something that's available. Don't be shy about askin about used gear either!! When you put one on that fits, you'll know it right away!! It'll feel comfortable!!

As far as brand names go, Seagull makes a really easy player and I also like the Jay Turser's too. The Seagull is a little pricier but they fret SO easily and they are built to last!! If you find one you like, but it's out of your price range, look for used ones on the internet like CL or the classifieds here or in your newspaper. I bought a really nice 4 year old Seagull acoustic/electric in excellent condition for 150 bucks!! It's a $700 guitar new!! I had played one in a Guitar Center and loved it but couldn't afford it!! When I saw this one, I already knew how it would play, so I got it.

Long story short .... Don't get in a hurry to buy any old axe!! Look around, ask good questions and get friendly with other players. If you've got any friends that have an extra, see if you can borrow one. This forum is a great place to start.

Good luck!!

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