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Looking for info on electric guitar construction.

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What I am looking for is any info, photos, or technical drawings of electric guitars. Such as what a stripped down neck (minus the fret board) looks like and how the truss rod works. What type of woods make for a good neck? A good fret board? How about the body? Also any wiring diagrams for the electrics would be helpful.

The reasoning behind this is I would like to understand my son's guitar better and maybe some day build a custom shape body for myself. Then add a neck, hardware, electrics, etc.

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Fender style guitars are probably the easiest to analyze/build.. the bolt on neck design takes a lot of the headaches away.

Best to start with making the body and adding a ready made neck (you'll find fender necks for sale all over the web)., You'll find inspiration and the answers you need by searching for 'Telecaster build and/or Stratocaster build. Wiring diagrams are all over the net too - You just gotta choose what electrics you want in there...

My own favourite Strat is a bitza - right hand maple neck/board, lefty body, pickups are 2x P90's and a lipstick in the centre position. It's just bolted together with previously unloved parts and sounds great!

Plays like a dream too - here she is:


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