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Kirk Lorange

The SlideRIG Compressor from Origin Effects - Smooth as Butter.

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The SlideRIG Compressor from Origin Effects

As you would know if you been a member of this forum for a while, I rarely endorse products other than my own. I only ever recommend products that impress me and that I would use. The SlideRIG compressor is one of those. The maker, Simon Keats, sent me one last month and I have to say: it delivers.

'Compression' is usually used with electric guitars, and is often used in recording studios on anything and everything, sometimes the whole mixed track. In a nutshell, compression makes loud notes quieter, quiet notes louder ... it evens out the signal. The problem with most guitar pedal compressors is that they don't do a very good job of it. They either squash the living daylights out of the sound, or make the sound of the pick hitting the strings the loudest thing you hear, or make the background hiss so loud it muddies the sound. I've tried them all -- once -- and promptly shoved them away in the junk box.

This one is different. It's smooth as butter, does none of the annoying things the others do and is a joy to play with. It was specifically designed for slide guitar, but works on any style.

I did the other day on my trusty Strat and the one set up for slide guitar.

The makers' site is here: http://www.origineffects.com ... Tell them Kirk sent you. I wrote ex-Eagle Don Felder about it and he's ordering one for his pedal board.

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