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Kirk Lorange

The Key to The Blues - New Fingerstyle Blues Lesson

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Here's one for the more advanced members: Key to the Blues. It's a look at some fingerstyle blues to the progression of that old classic 'Key to the Highway'. This is an 8 bar blues, key of E, all based around the I-IV-V chords apart from a little ending I tacked on to the end.

I mention in the commentary that the aim is not so much to replicate what I played, but to try and get a feel for the way this style of playing works off the chord shapes primarily, with bass lines, melody snippets and chord fragments interweaving to form the whole. But, if you do want to learn note for note my arrangement or parts thereof, it's all there in the tab, notation and virtual fretboard. I also include in this lesson a half-speed movie so you can zero in on the right hand technique.

If you have already looked into this style of playing, you will have realized that it's a lifelong study. I think this lesson will give you a whole lot of ideas that you can incorporate into your own approach to playing fingerstyle blues guitar.

At this stage this lesson is only available as a stand-alone downloadable lesson. Have a listen and if you like it, you can order it from here.

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