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Varun Sharma

Wanna Know More About Genres!

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Well i see that this song is metal, that one is heavy metal, thats rock and that one is hard rock but whats the difference??

I mean yeah i see they are quite different but i wanna know the real difference (I know its not just different type of distortion).. And could you guys plz tell me about all the genres for guitars and their definition, feel and stuff... Some examples could be a great add on too!

I know its quite stupid question bt whats the point in crying i love heavy metal when you cant distinguish which song is heavy metal and which is not....

Btw, i have an Aria Stg-006, it have - alder body, maple neck, 2 x humbuckers and a single coil pickup... What genres are best for it?

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I think they are just subgenres from the same genre.Hard rock and heavy metal are pretty much the same thing really.In my experience over the years people have there own opinion on the different genres.Loads of people say AC/DC are heavy metal but i think Angus Young has very a bluesy sound and i would class a lot of there music more as heavy rock rather than Heavy metal.

Other subgenres of rock you didnt mention Grunge ,Punk,Thrash Metal and probably loads of others.

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