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Todd Zielinski

Vesper Guitars - Incredible, Custom Made Guitars

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I wanted to drop in and encourage everyone to check out what Neal Van Slett is doing at Vesper Guitars.

We recently had two friends and artists (Danen Kane and Mike Howard) drop in for a show at The Well. They are sponsored by Vesper, and his guitars looked beautiful, played great, and sounded amazing.

Not everyone can afford a custom guitar, but I've played a number of them and his guitars are on par with the best I've ever played.

Find his Vesper Guitars page on FB and "like" it if you feel moved, and help me spread the word for a new friend of mine.

You can also check out his webpage at www.vesperguitars.com . And if you happen to order a guitar, tell him Todd sent you.:)

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They look and sound incredible in person. Neal talked with me about how all of the electronics are custom installed to accomplish the needs of the player. I think they are beautiful. Pass the word to your friends Dad and Winsong!

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      My favorite place to go strap shopping. They have a one of a kind section that got wiped out by mudslide. Right now everything I saw was $29. These are all handmade, even the not one of a kind. I don't like much what they got up right now, but I've already bought one a while back. All I have to do is call them and they'll put up different stock. These people are amazing.
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