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Varun Sharma

Any RP255 users?

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Well i bought a RP255 and quite liked it, its my first processor and i am looking for ur opinion on it... any rp255 users? I would love to have some suggestions on it...

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I have an RP150 but can never seem to find a sound in it that I like much - probably due to my general hopelessness with electric and almost complete lack of practicing on electric. The drum rhythms are useful though, and easy to program (pattern and tempo) - I can get my head around that ok.

If you can find a setting you like, it might be the same on mine and I can check it out.

I marked a couple of what I thought were the best ones on my model as

Rock 2: no 3 in Tone (Knob 1),

Comp Clean No2 in Presets and

Analogue Boy No 32 in Presets.

I get a bit bamboozled by all the choices of different knobs, lights, and settings. Basically you can probably help me more than I can help you. Any tips would be great.

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LOL! thnx guys... Its quite easy to use, knobs are the best part as the help you scroll faster.. btw get X-Edit software on ur pc and connect it to it as it will help ya with settings...

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