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Electric Guitar brand to buy in germany?

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E- Guitar brand to buy in germany?


I have been learning guitar from the past one year, and moved to germany recently for my studies. I have decided to buy an electric guitar but am not able to decide which brand or so to take.

The "yamaha" brand guitars cost around 300 euro, and are out from my list. I have been seeing several guitars from ebay and amazon.de; and they are around 90 euro (MSA-Vision brand,it comes with the amplifier too) and 120 euro (Clinton brand, only guitar) and 100 euro (DiMavery brand, guitar only). I am left handed, and all these guitars are too.

Please suggest me what I can buy, I live in hannover at the moment. Thanks.. I am thinking of ordering the MSA vision guitar, it comes with a 2 year warantee...




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I bought my first electric guitar in Trier, Germany. It was made by Hofner. They seemed to have a good variety of guitars in all price ranges.


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I found some reviews of the Demavery.Hope it helps .


I personally would preffer to buy a 2nd hand slightly better guitar than a new lower quality guitar.

Here in the uk there are loads of decent 2nd hand Squire and Yamaha Pacifica guitars for sale.If you can find any in Germany in your budget they might be worth checking out to see what you think.

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