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Kirk Lorange

Who has inspired the man who wrote 'Hotel California'?

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I was intrigued the other day at a comment posted at my YouTube Channel that said "DON FELDER brought me here, KIRK". I wasn't quite sure what that meant, but I did a few years ago meet Don and played some slide with him at his Calgary concert. Then a member of my PlaneTalker Forum posted a topic 'Don Felder loves Kirk' and pointed me to a recent interview Don did with Premier Guitar Magazine.

Check it out

Did it make my day? It sure did!

I was also reminded of the message he wrote in my copy of his book about his 27 years as an Eagle ... image attached.

(I do sell a 'How to play slide guitar' DVD from this site ... hint, hint.)


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Now thats special ! And well deserved ! And that s why I'm here !

You'll always have my support.


p.s And that needs a framing

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Wonderful compliment which is well deserved , I may not be a famous musican or famous anything for that matter, but your playing always inspires and amazes me .

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