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floyd rose.......any tips ?

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i acquired a couple of new(to me) guitars last week. i bought a used Yamaha RGX 420s, for £75, a bargain i thought. i was hankering for a guitar with a locking trem, and the price was within my range.

it seems to be a decent guitar - good high output ceramic pickups, with coil tap and a direct output switch for the bridge pickup, big frets and a slim neck, and floyd rose(licensed) trem.

the guitar feels a bit strange to me, as i'm used to fixed bridge chunky neck lower output pickup guitars, but seems to play and sound good, there's a wee bit of fret wear but not too bad.

the ironic thing is i bought the guitar for the trem...........but the bar was missing from the guitar when i bought it.........lol.....i'll pick one up from the guitar shop later this week

the thing i have noticed is the bridge moves forward when bending a string, which puts the other strings out of pitch, from what i understand this is just one of the cons of a fully floating bridge???

i also prefer heavier strings 12-52 in standard tuning, it has 9s on now, and three trem springs

any advice on set-up etc.....do any of the tremsetter type devices work?




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Congrats Paul, glad you scored big with 2 new to you guitars. I have no idea about floating bridges, but think it's hilarious that you, of all people, could now be a cool tremsetter. Too obscure? Think about it.

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