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Father Goose

Intonation question

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I’ve a strat copy (another one!) that I recently acquired & I cant get the intonation (low E & G) properly adjusted because the movable saddle is already ‘pushed’ way back and wont go any further.

Before setting intonation, the truss-rod has been adjusted for a slight relief on the neck (I let it set for a couple of hours. No problems there) and its restrung with brand new 10 gauge strings. String action is medium low. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the tremolo springs. Its not that obvious when you play the guitar...

....its just driving me mad :(

Has anyone encountered this? I’m all ears if you’ve got a ‘easy/cheap’ solution.

I’ve done setup for Floyds, strats, fixed, etc bridges & familiar with the whole process but have never come across this problem.

Theres this ‘trick’ I read somewhere that you can place a matchstick or something similar at the nut to compensate for this (sounds plausible) but I haven’t tried it yet. Its not the permanent solution I want to explore. Anyway, the string length from nut to bridge ought to be ‘longer’ in this case. Not shorter.

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