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micky mac

the new line up

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i've picked up some second hand gear it the past couple of weeks heres a few pictures.

first up a marshall 4x12 this thing makes the 5watt vibro champ sound like a monster.and i swaped my acoustic last inte for an epiphone dot last nite and a jackson concert bass a few months ago and i bought a beat up old 12 string acoustic that i sanded down and am in the middle of trying to refinish it i forgot to take a picture before i started but i took one when i started the sanding and thats my son sean thought he was bob the builder with the sander lol ill post some pictures of my progress as i go.







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Micky Mac,

Quite a nice collection you have there. Looks like you've got a fine helper too!


thanks mike, aye he's a regular little builder, he just started play school last week we have to drag him kicking and screaming every morning so thats not going to well.

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