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cheap D.I.Y pedal board

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i added a delay and a tuner pedal to my set up of overdrive and wah pedal........... and even at four pedals it was a pain to set up and take down at gigs (soundcheck and again to play) and rehearsal, along with the battery issue

so decided to make a simple one, as they are expensive to buy

i had a laptop bag and some plywood, i cut plywood to fit the bag, rounded the corners......simple

i seen a post by "Scotty b" - so all credit to Scotty for this - about using seperated cycle chain links to attach pedals, brilliant idea i think......and i happened to have some spare, and a chain splitter to seperate them

i also got a daisy chain extension lead for my Boss power supply - can power 5 pedals from one supply, and a cheap option.

and some patch leads......









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You did a really god job on this. The laptop carrying case works perfectly. Looks like you may even have a little extra space for another pedal.


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