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Angel LaHash

P-Bass Tone Control Cap

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Basicly i got a P-Bass (hope that is right name for it, two Small Pick ups just to the side of each other)

and i notice the Cap on the tone is 100nF 104K

Wounder what others are used for Tone Control Caps

For a Normal Strat 47nF, 33nF and 22nF as far as i know

did wounder if i could mix it with a JAZZ pick up too but woudl have to cut in to the wood for that.

im not that much up on Bass myself as this is my First one.

Orded a new scrach plate as it was missing, all the wiring is there, just needs a DAM good Clean and the Body needs a Work over

getting New stings for it too, when every thing turns up, i will clean the Metal and Body (not sure how to do the body tho)

[basicaly the body has had STICKS over it and now i got BLACK SPOTS and the origenal colour is a Brown to Black look, lightly scatched on the back and looks silver spray on the side !!)

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just looking at this "Stellartone ToneStyler" that some guy on another forum talking about.. basicaly 16 Way switch with SMD Caps.


Im not that sure on his wiring to me 2P2T

one side in one side out

To me a 2P2T is connected to both up or Both down .. standard

a 2P2T On-Off-On same but the middle dosnt make a connection so No CAP

I dont know if someone made a Error.. but i did have someone sell a 2P2T switch that dose oppsite sides

If his Circuit is a On-off-on (as i dont know of a On-on-On) then it would be a 0.0047 or 0.022.

I did make my own TONE CAP switch with a On-Off-On 1P2T

one End a 25nF the other end a 11nF and a 22nF in the middle

this gives you 47nF-22nF-33nF switching

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