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Andy S

Peavey AmpKit LiNK Guitar Interface for iPhone and iPod Touch

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I posted this under For Sale or Wanted to buy just in case...so either one can be deleted if the moderator wants to.

Has anyone used the "Peavey AmpKit LiNK Guitar Interface for iPhone and iPod Touch " for connection to their i-pod touch, i-phone or i-pad?

Or, has anyone used the "PRS Guitarbud: The Guitarist's Interface - For iPhone & iPod Touch" ?

Or, the "IK Multimedia iRig - Audio Interface Adapter for iPhone, iPod" ?

The Peavey is on sale for like $19, the i-Rig is discounted a bit, too. None have all exemplary reviews. In fact they're split. Some love the things, others hate them. I want something I can use when I'm travelling and want to connect to the i-pod touch and play along or practice with earphones in a hotel room. There are some other devices out there, but their cost is more than I would prefer paying ($40 and up)

Any experience would be appreciated

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