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electro-harmonix "memory toy" analog delay - quick and easy modifications

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here's a quick and easy modification/tweak for anyone that owns a "memory toy" delay pedal

the pedal comes with an optional modulation effect, for the repeated notes, this is controlled by a switch on the front, just on or off


removing the four screws on the back you'll find a trim switch for mod(ulation) depth, you can adjust this with a small screwdriver (i worked a long while back adjusting trim switches on a vcr production line, only for a few weeks, but i remember using a ceramic screwdriver for this job, presumably so as not to damage the circuit/components with static)

i used a small metal one tho...

mod depth trim switch


the modulation on my pedal was too....off sounding to me, so i adjusted this to make it more subtle...so less mod depth

there is also an adjustment for overall volume gain when the pedal is switched on......marked as Gain

there seemed to be a slight drop in volume when i clicked the delay on, so i brought this up a touch

this adjustment is handy if using delay as a lead boost.

Gain trim switch


small adjustments are all that's required.... i.e - a degree or two at a time, not half or quarter turns

and be careful not to damage these, by over turning or pressing down too hard on them...

another thing - there are more unmarked trim switches inside, my advice would be "leave well alone"


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'tinker......tailor, beggar man, thief' - haven't thought about that for decades. I have no idea if it's part of a nursery rhyme or not. Anyone know?

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lol.....aye........i'm a tinker for sure........i can't help myself, if it's screwed shut, i'll unscrew and open it, not that i know what i'm doing....lol....if it aint broke i'll open it up, break it, then have to work out how to fix it.....usually

the pictures don't show it, but these two switches are clearly marked, so not hard to figure out, the rest are not marked, and are there i assume to bias certain components that likely vary in resistance etc.....something like that ? .....so these other switches i wouldn't mess with..

Hey Carol.....tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.......... not sure if it's nursery rhyme or not

i just think of AC/DC when i hear this.....rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, aint got a hope in hell, that's my belief - "Sin city"


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I know this conversation is a few months old but ive just read it today.

I believe Tinker,Taylor was a ryme that was used a long time ago for counting.I could be wrong.Ive heard a few versions used.I heard on an american tv show once indian chief used in the ryme.

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