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Kirk Lorange

The Entertainer - New Finger-Style Lesson

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I've just put up a new lesson of The Entertainer in the key of D. I did a lesson on this a long time ago, a version in the key of G, and it was more of an interpretation of The Entertainer than an arrangement. For that reason I called it Old Time Rag. This version is pretty much the piece written by Scott Joplin.

My arrangement is in Dropped-D tuning. The late, great Chet Atkins did a version in Dropped-D too, and there are definite similarities between the two arrangements, brought on mainly by the tuning, but they are different. I kept it simpler than his, the second section is a lot different and I also wrote my own little ending.

It's not a free lesson but you can buy it for a few bucks as a download here or get it as part of my new Americana Finger-Style Lesson Collection.

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Loved tackling this lesson. Very challenging (I'm threatening to reach the intermediate guitar player stage; not there yet though) but a song that after each attempt I could see a little improvement. Hate to think how many hours I have put in to it (actually, I don't care it was enjoyable).

Still not happy with the bridge, really struggle with it on a steel string acoustic. Electric is a little easier.

Here is a run through I just did - be warned the bridge is bad!

Aura Lee next - a quick attempt tells me that will be a lot easier...hopefully.

Thanks for these lessons - really worth every cent and more.

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Nice playing, Uncle Tupelo ... you really have nailed that first part; the bridge needs a tad more work, but you'll nail that too. These things take time!

I'm glad you're enjoying the lessons! Thanks for the feedback.


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