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String Change Method

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There are a million video of various methods of string changing around and given this one is on the Taylor site many folks would have already seen this video and some tried the method . Thought it worth posting for those like myself until very recently who have not seen it.

I have used used various theories on string changes over time but never seemed to end up with an especially good looking result ( yeah it's about sound but it has to look the part) but this method for me seemed the easiest by far , and ended I up with very uniform in number neat wraps .

The trimming of the excess prior to winding is the major difference and really makes it easy.

Give it a try let me know what you think




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Hey Matt, I was expecting to see you changing the strings in the video - I'm bitterly disappointed.....however, I recovered enough to check out how he does it, and he does make it look easy. Not so easy if you are balancing the guitar on your knee, and you don't use an electric string winder, though.

Does anyone have views on guitarists who wind their excess string length in neat little circles??? You can still see them around occasionally - it does make you wonder - Well it makes me wonder, anyway.

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Don't be disappointed, the dude in the video is a way better look than me and he knows what he's doing, and he does have an electric winder which I don't but am envious of.

Strings wound like you mention remind me of herbs (singular)

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I usually change strings one at a time to keep tension on the neck. Good points in the video.


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