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Our new VideoSong Cover

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cool version i like it better than the oasis version which is also a cover of i dont know who.Anyway whats next evanescence would be great with your band dont ya think.

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Really cool take on a great tune. Super!

Paul, didn't know that Wonderwall was a cover by Oasis. I thought it was an original.

EDIT: Had to go look it up.. It is an Oasis original.

This tune has a special connection with me. I first heard it driving in snow covered Vermont while heading out for some snowboarding from a contract job in the Boston area. The whole vibe I had going at the time combined with first hearing that song stuck with me.

But I didn't know what the song was so after I got back home I still had to find it. Fortunately it was a pop hit and it didn't take long to run across it. Just goes to show how that music affects you differently depending on what's happening in your life at the time. Otherwise I might remember it as nothing more than a song that was overplayed on the radio.

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