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Can I use what ever String Gauge on an non-intonatable guitar?

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I just bought an danelectro De56 single cutaway .


And as you can see it has an non-adjustable rosewood bridge (not intonatable). So what I am wondering is wether or not I can put on whatever string gauge (thickness) I want without having to go to a store and do a guitar setup? The guitar comes with somewhat thin strings and I was thinking of putting on 10's.

I'm not very good in the guitar-tech area so I figuered I could use some help.

Thank you!

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Hey Bombhills,

Congrats on the new guitar--looks sweet!

My $0.02 (and I am most assuredly not a luthier, nor a guitar tech, nor a guitar pro--just a weekend warrior).

I would take any new guitar out of the box for a setup, regardless.

I get that the bridge is non-adjustable, but that's not to say that it cannot be "adjusted." You will note that it is still held to the body by three screws. If any of those is tightened incorrectly it could throw off the intonation. Furthermore, it's possible that you may need to put in a shim to raise the action if you start getting fret buzz (or shim one side or the other to make sure the intonation is perfect).

Likewise, you will want to make sure that the truss rod is adjusted properly for the higher tension from the thicker strings.

As I say, JMHO.

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