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Clearance between pickups and strings

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I want to change a damaged scratch plate on one of my guitars.This unfortunately involves removing the pickups so when i come to put them on to the new scratch plate i will have to adjust the distance between the strings and pickups.

Is there set measurements between the strings and pickups? If so what should they be?

I was going to accurately measure the distances between each pickup at both ends between the 1st and 6th strings before removing the pickups but the previous owner told me he had removed them before and just put them back on without even thinking about adjusting them correctly

Hope this makes sense.

Any help on this subject would be great.

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i should have said it is a Yamaha Pacifica with single coil neck and middle pickups and humbucker at the bridge.

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Hey Stu, The closer the pick-ups are to the strings the louder the output to the amp. So as long as they don't rattle or hinder your pick when playing, I'd say the closer the better and that's the way mine have been set up. cheers

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