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Kirk Lorange

The Red Strat Blues

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The Red Strat Blues - tabbed out with backing tracks.

About five years I loaded up a video of me playing the blues on my friend's beautiful new red Eric Clapton signature Stratocaster on YouTube. I called it "The Red Strat Blues" and it's been watched over 200,000 times and I've had numerous requests for the tab. It's no easy task, tabbing out an improvisation, but I finally got around to doing it a couple of weeks ago. It took the best part of two days to do, too! The piece is a great example of the 'follow-the-changes' approach to improvising. Most players will use the Blues Scale for this kind of thing; I follow the chords. If you're into the blues you will probably hear the difference.

The video has had 511 'likes', 33 'dislikes' at YouTube. If you're one of the 'likes', and would like to know what I played in that movie, it's included as a free bonus lesson as part of my Bluesy Finger-Style Lesson Collection or as a single lesson download which you can buy here for only $5.95.

My Bluesy Finger-Style Lesson Collection which now includes The Red Strat Blues as a free bonus lesson along with 19 other Bluesy Style lessons is only $24.95 and is the best value - details here.

The downloadable version is formatted as a PDF, tab split into 5 twelve-bar passes. I've also included the movie with the chord progression and bar count, the midi generated by Guitar Pro, the Guitar Pro file, the backing track, an extended backing track and the Mp3 of my take ... plus another take I did on my Telecaster.

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