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Keith and John (I'm spending too much time on YT)

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Cool great to see him playing with a battered up guitar.Dont listen to his music forgive me but john mayer is the guy on the right?

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Keith Urban on the right, Paul.

That's a brilliant track Matt - I had no idea that Keith was such a good guitarist, or singer. And I originally thought that John Mayer was going to be John Mayall of The Blues Breakers from waaaay back in London - so I got a big surprise - a good one, when it turned out not to be him. :)

The first part of this vid shows how less can be more in guitar playing - I much prefer this style to shredding - sorry Jess (one of our members and a shredder at heart), but I can never get involved in the music when hearing and seeing shredding or very fast solos played with no melody or feeling to them. These guys are the opposite to that - in this vid anyway. Good find Matt.

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