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Kyotie-Start a band (Keith Urban / Brad Paisley)

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No Eddie....I only wish I was. I only found them over the past couple of days.

I'd been watching some videos of Paul Bryant, the bass player/singer on this track, with his other band 'Wilderspin', when I realised that he sometimes fronts this band Kyotie. It was just a chance find on YouTube - I'm from Stroud OK, and Wilderspin have a track called Stroud Life....they're from Stroud in the UK!

I was quite surprised that they are not from the US, although some of the Wilderspin stuff seems to be more European 'folkie' sounding - quite quirky. Also interesting was the fact that this other outfit features Robert Holmes, who I believe used to be with Aimee Mann in Til Tuesday, back in the day....

How would we ever have made these connections without the Internet!

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AH! Welcome to the forum. You may want to post this kind of stuff in the Music Lounge, no worries though they are a good group.

eddie :shifty:

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