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Boss Me70 combined with Fender hot rod deville 212

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Couple of weeks ago I bout my BOSS ME70. I got some few problems with it. First of all I have tune in my amp at the clean channel, when i plug my guitar directly to the amp, it sounds fine. Soon as I plug it thorugh the Boss me 70, the distortion sound not good at all, almost like a drowning sound. But the clean sound at the pedal sound more or less fine. I asked for help in another forum, and they asked me to turn of The "amp sim" and "cab sim" at my board to get a better sound, but I dont know what this mean and I dont know how to do it at the board. Any tips?

Thank You.

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Sorry if this is late for you. The amp and cabinet sim can conflict with the tone from the preamp. One thing I would advise trying is plugging into the FX return of the amp and bypassing the preamp. Also check out the manual for the Boss and look where you set the cab sims.

Cabinet simulations have a significant affect on the tone. I was trying to duplicate an amp tone with my RP1000 and couldn't even come close until I came across the cab sim settings and began to play with them. If you are running into a guitar amp you might find that you prefer bypassing the cab sim.

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ive owned the me-70 twice now the first time i was using a roland cube 30 watt amp on the clean channel and it sounded great after a while i sold it.Recently i bought a fender vibro champ and the amp sounds amazing when i bought the me 70 again it sounded horrible through the fender amp and i rang the shop they told me it was because the vibro champ and the me-70 were both modeling units so they were both trying to sound like what they are modeled on so the sounds were clashing.By the way the vibro champ sounds great with stomp boxes.

i know thats not any help just thought i would share my experience with you.

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