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Andy S

Bleed through and Latency in Audacity

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Folks, I don't recall this happening before on my older, slower computer. I just imported a song to Audacity as a backing track. I then recorded a new track. It seemed in sync. On playback, it starts out ok, but then sounds like the new track falls beind, more and more as it goes along.

I did go to the Audacity site and found a test for latency and supposedly how to adjust it, but cannot find the controls under the audacity preferences they refer to. Also, if I mute the backing track, it can STILL be heard in the track I laid down, which was just my electric guitar. It's going through a V-amp, into a mixer , then into the input. Prior to this PC, I had the V-amp going direct to the PC and don't recall hearing the original track in the new track. I even deleted the backing track so it was just the new track and the original backing track is still heard in teh new recording.

Needless to say, I am a bit puzzled. I am going to try the V-amp direct this time and see if that makes a diff. But I have checked all the settings for the PC and all seem to be set according to the Audacity suggestions. Any ideas, I'd appreciate!

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