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I really need advice on a Looper! :D

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Hi everyone!

I am new here, so I am not sure if this questions is posted in the right place. :D

So, I am looking for a Looper and Effectbox combined. So I want to be able to use the effects even without looping, and vice versa (looping without effects AND looping with effects). I have been searching the Internet and I have found this: the VOX VDL1 DYNAMIC LOOPER (a link: http://www.voxamps.com/pedals/vdl1/).

Since I don't know anything of loopers, effect pedals, etcetera (I've always been playing directly through my amp): will it do what I have described above? Can I use the effects apart from the looper?

Also, if you would happen to know about any other devices that will cater to my needs... JUST TELL ME ABOUT THEM! :D



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G'day LadyM, Welcome to our community.

No, I'm not going to even try to answer your question. I wouldn't know a looper if it fell on my foot. I suspect it's something that players use when they play electrics, so I'm guessing someone here will have one and at least be able to tell you how they use it.

It could take a day or three before someone visits, so keep in touch.

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Thank you for you kind welcome, Karcey.

the Vox dynamic looper is indeed related to electric guitar. So I think I'll wait for some electric guitar player to answer my question! :D

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