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This was shot at the blues festival I did on the weekend with my Sydney band Chasin the Train. It's a Little Feat tune called Willin'. That's me on the left and the little gal front of stage is Georgia Lorange, my four year old daughter. That's a friend of ours (the midwife who attended her birth!) who comes up and takes a photo of her. I was watching all this from the stage, as you can see, and I was very pleased to find that a Facebook fan had filmed this whole scene. I was so distracted I forgot the words to the second verse! I'm a lucky guy: my 27 year old daughter Astrid came to my last gig in Sydney, and now this!

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What a cutie! Can't believe how fast she's growing. And great music!

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Yes you are a lucky man, but I also believe in life is conditioned by where we take it. She is only four now, and you are bigger than life to her pop.

I do not think she will understand how big you are until later in life. You are certainly one of world's best in your art.

That my friend will be her realty check. That was a wonderful video and thanks for sharing it.

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