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Eastman AC120 or Fender CD140

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Okay so i have about 500$ to spend on a guitar.

I have decided between the Eastman AC120 or the Fender CD140..

Can anyone help me on this one? anyone possibly have or played with either?


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G'day Silverjase, Welcome to our community.

The big question isn't what others think of those two guitars. The question is ... Which one feels best to you?

I know nothing about either, and I don't have to because I'm not spending the money. You're the one who has to decide between all of the features. Like, which one looks better? Which one sounds better? Which one is easier to hold? Which one really turns you on!?

The reason there are so many guitars to choose from is because each of us has different values, different standards, different desires. Otherwise we'd all have the same guitar, drive the same car, and all want to marry the same woman. Thank God we're all different.

What you must do is research the build quality, check out the sound of each, and go with the one you're going to enjoy holding close to your body for the next few years. After that, well, I have to say, guitarists are a fickle bunch and you, like the rest will probably start a love affair with a different guitar. That's life. The guitars understand even if our spouses don't.

So. Can you try each? Is there a shop where you can get your hands on them? If you can't, then I'd advise not buying either. I'm a great advocate of trying before you buy and disregarding the name on the headstock.

Now, if you can't play, (and I don't know you so I'll assume you're a beginner,) you'll have to confess your lack of skill to a salesperson and ask them to play for you. That way you can hear the sound. You still have to feel each one, rub your hands over the body and neck, imagine what it will be like to wrestle with each of them. If you're still not sure, go away. Hold a few others until you find one that you like. It could take a week or three, but sooner or later you'll be drawn to one that feels like it fits you. As I said before, the name on the headstock doesn't matter as much as the feel. (No, don't go for $20 junk!! That's not what I mean!) But only some of the reasonable quality guitars will suit you.

Your budget sounds OK. There's a lot for that money that will keep you interested for a few years yet. When you get to performing on stage you may be drawn to a more expensive model, but worry about that when the time comes.

This is a friendly place where a lot of guitarists will be happy to help you on your musical journey. So keep in touch.

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Thanks alot!! i went into 2 different stores and tried them both. Really enjoyed playing both!! such beautiful guitars.. I think im going to go with the Eastman!! loved playing it!! coudlnt take my hands off it.. beautiful sound and feel.. thanks for the insight! :)

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Looks like you made your decision. Welcome to the forum.


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I would go with the Eastman aswell.Great reviews of the Eastman plus i wasnt impressed with a couple of fender accoustics that ive tryed compared with other make guitars in the same price bracket.

You done the right thing though silverjase trying it out 1st.Atleast you know youre not going to be disapointed.

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