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Hi! My name's Kurt, and I just got in late last night after stumbling across a video of Kirk's on YouTube, and that after hearing Carol Kaye discuss chordal tones--it really sounds like the way I need to approach the guitar.

I'm 44, but I've been hacking at this instrument since I was a young teen, all self taught and coming to realizations as I here and there gathered information. I never really bothered with scales, 'cause I didn't see the point. And that's where I've been for ages: so I know chords and that they can be played in all kinds of shapes and positions? Now what? At this rate, I'll never be another Antonio Carlos Jobim!

So, instead, I plink around with tab books (I like classical, Spanish), and I sound great on several pieces. People who hear me but don't know the first thing about guitars are often impressed, but they don't get that it's all memorization; that's all I got. Most of the time, though, I don't sound very good, not only 'cause I stink, but also 'cause I have a familial tremor in my left hand. When it's really flared up, I can barely play open chords. Yeah, you don't want me in your band.

I have a couple guitars, but my favorite is my La Patrie Etude. Even when I'm not playing it, I'll hold it in my lap and lean over it/reach around it while doing things on the computer, for instance. My girlfriend calls it "the baby." You didn't just now wash your hands? Then you can't touch my guitar. (Note: washing your hands, especially in warm water, also reduces finger squeak quite a bit. Try finishing up your dishes before you play.)

But that's it. I desperately want to unlock this instrument, and I know that Kirk's Jeet Kune Do ;) is gonna help me a great deal. Can't wait to get the book; but in the mean time, I'm working on CAGED. <--- That even sounds awesome!

All the best!


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You will be pleased with the PlaneTalk instruction method. Welcome to the forum.


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Thanks for the warm welcomes! I'm still working on my shapes, trying to play the shapes' notes separately and trying to blend them into the preceding and following shapes. It's coming along. It's certainly a lot more fun than not knowing what I should be doing.

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G'day Kurt, It's good to have you along.

Memorizing tunes is great. Means you don't have to have reams of music wherever you go.

I have a deep respect for anyone who can make music, by whatever means they choose. Sounds to me like you're already making music.

We're always happy to hear about our friend's musical experiences, so keep in touch.

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