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Kirk Lorange

PlaneTalk -- Coupon in a QR Code -- Get the "How to Play Slide DVD" Free.

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PlaneTalk -- Coupon in a QR Code


If you have a smart phone and you have a QR decoder app installed (they're free) scan the image above. Use the word that will be revealed as a coupon code and I will include for free my 'How to play Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning' DVD if you order the PlaneTalk Package. That's a $40 saving. If you don't have the technology, I bet you have a friend that does. Send him or her this email and let him or her decode it for you. Read on to learn how PlaneTalk came to be and why you should order this all-powerful lesson.

It was in fact poking around the fretboard looking for slide positions many years ago that led me to my PlaneTalk 'Eureka!' moment. For the best part of 15 years I had been searching for that one 'constant' that could become my guide to all things musical on a guitar. I knew there was at least one as I'd seen it first hand one day in London in 1972. I was early for a band rehearsal at a local studio so I sat in on another band's rehearsal and watched as their new guitar player familiarized himself with their repertoire. His name was Henry McCullough who later became 'Wings' guitarist -- in Beatle Paul McCartney's band. I watched open-mouthed as Henry kept coming up with perfect guitar parts for tunes he'd never heard before. All he had to guide him were a scraps of paper with chords scribbled out and a HUGE ear, metaphorically speaking, of course. I was stunned with his ability to instantly come up with lines, riffs, chord voicings and solos ... all on the fly. No part of the fretboard was left untouched, he knew where every last scrap of music was for every moment of the tune. I knew he had to be doing something other than dredging up scale patterns, something far more useful and powerful.

I never got a chance to ask him what he was thinking, what he was looking at down there on the fretboard as he played. He probably wouldn't have been able to put it into words anyway, he was a fairly spaced out dude that day. But I made a decision then and there to figure out how to do that. I knew there had to be something very simple that could tie it all together. Many moons later, while noodling with a slide on my pinkie, I saw it.

Eureka! There it was, something I'd known since the day I started playing, something so simple I couldn't understand why it had taken me so long to see and why it wasn't common knowledge. So I wrote a book about it: PlaneTalk.

The PlaneTalk package consists of:

» The Book, 12X8 inches, 72 pages, fully illustrated by yours truly. (Half of it is a comic strip, it's very user friendly.)

» The Slide Rule ... a neat little folded-sleeve-with-insert gizmo which crystallizes the simple mindset at a glance.

» The DVD, demonstrating what the book describes. 70 minutes long using virtual fretboards to show the action.

» 16 bonus PlaneTalker Lessons, over two hours of video displaying in no uncertain terms the mindset.

» The PlaneTalkers' Forum: access to the PlaneTalkers' private forum where we discuss the PlaneTalk mindset, music and the guitar. This forum has over 22,000 posts and over 2000 members.

» Plus for the next week, use the QR coupon code above and you'll also get my 'How To Play Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning' DVD thrown in for free!

Not a bad deal ...

Read more about PlaneTalk | Read the Testimonials | Click here to order

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