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carol m

Loudon Wainwright Streamed New Album

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He has a new album and it's being streamed live on the New Yorker Culture blog


However, I went over to youtube to see if there were any Loudon videos - last time I checked there were only a couple. And......brilliant! - lots of new videos - of old songs. I just spent (wasted?) at least 2 hours + listening to this master songwriter.

And not only that, he sings in such an easy, but heartfelt, manner and it's easy not to notice what a great guitarist he is too. He is the dad of Rufus, Martha and Lucy, and ex husband of one of the McGarrigle Sisters (Kate) - has led a famously dissolute life (women alcohol and drugs) but he is not afraid to sing from the heart - all the pain, guilt, etc but also he can be really funny. You can go from laughing to feeling close to tears from one song to the next.

He is one of my favorite songwriters and performers. And I was glad to see that his 'Dead Skunk' song was no where to be seen - I think his worst song, but for decades it was all he was known for.

It's hard to recommend which of the many great songs I like best, but.....

  • Song in C
  • Grow(n) man - actually 3 songs on this video but the first one, about not visiting his new (?some other woman's) child, is one of the best
  • When You Leave
  • Homeless
  • Human Cannonball - it happens to us all - shot through the air, expecting nets...a flight...and then a fall
  • Talking Bob Dylan Blues
  • Oh No, not John (Lennon)
  • Natural Disaster

and many, many, more -

Also check out the Loudon and Rufus Come a Long Way (written by Kate) and some of Martha and Loudon etc - all talented musicians and singers.

His songs are honest, heartfelt, funny, sad.

PS - just found out via youtube that Kate McGarrigle died in 2010 - I'm shocked, I always thought Loudon would go first - there's no justice - not that I don't want Loudon to stick around and keep writing songs - I do. :)

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Carol m,

Thanks for the heads up on this singer song writer. I listened to some of his great stuff, loved it. I think I'll have to try some of these.

All the best


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