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Yes that was awesome, I agree.

I was wondering about ''the canons flashing" - I hadn't noticed that lyric over the years and somehow got this song merged/overlaid by Wichita Linesman - brains work in strange and mysterious ways - eg this song is about a linesman, up a telegraph pole, somewhere near Galveston, missing his girl etc. Wrong!

So my Wiki investigations found that this Jimmy Webb (I'm a fan) was released in 1969 and......

"The song was widely, but erroneously, perceived as a protest song,[2] The protagonist is a soldier, as shown in the original promo video with Campbell dressed up in a military outfit. Webb confirmed in interviews that he didn't have the Vietnam War in mind when he wrote the song, as he had imagined it taking place during a battle of the Spanish-American War,[3] the time period when the City of Galveston reached its civic peak".

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Great version, thanks. Shame to think what he and his family are having to deal with.

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He was quite the player. Wish he was still making music. Saw a tribute to him at the last CMA on TV.

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