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An homage to one of my idols

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I had to write an homage poem about I admire for my poetry class, so I chose John Petrucci. I can't think of a title for it, so I think I'll just name it after him. I sent a copy to John too and I hope he likes it, whether he replies or not.


He sat behind the table,

instrument in hand.

Tool of artistry,

creation of intricate

arrangement of

the ancient language.

Patterns of song,

once born of scratched

lines upon the page.

Read from the books,

the majors, minors,

phrygians, lydians,

coming together.

Solid, like earth.

Flowing, like water.

Elemental forces,

existing in harmony.

Symbols on the page.


like scientific formulae,

stitching patches together

in the quilt

of imagination.

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I like that, Jess. When you said you couldn't think of a title, I was thinking, 'John Petrucci' which you then said you'd chosen. Nice touch to send it to him - let us know if he replies to you.

It's possible that he could - when he was little, one of our boys was obsessed with David Attenborough and his Nature programs on the TV - he wrote a letter to him, addressed to the BBC in London.....and he got a long hand written reply from the man himself! You should have seen the look of wonder on the boy's face when it came - priceless. We were amazed and impressed too.

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I would be quite excited to have a personal reply from the man himself, but knowing how busy he is, I will be happy as long as he likes it (whether I know it or not).

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I think you will get a reply Jess.

He seems like a nice guy and i think he values his fans.

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