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Kirk Lorange

Love Me Tender (Aura Lee) - New Finger Style Lesson

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I was very pleased to discover that Elvis' huge hit 'Love Me Tender' was in fact a remake of an older tune called Aura Lee. Why? Because Aura Lee was first published in 1860 and is therefore in the Public Domain and eligible for a lesson without the copyright infringement issues.

I've done a version of it in the key of C. The first pass through it all is very basic -- just melody line and bass line -- the second is fleshed out with chord fragments and is a little more complex. So, if you're new to finger style, you can limber up on the first half and in a few days attack the second half. Remember: you're the boss of those fingers, not the other way around, so don't let them dictate. Playing guitar is really just the art of subjugating your fingers, isn't it? It's not easy at first, but once they hear the music, they will submit happily.

It's available as a paid downloadable lesson. You can have a listen to the arrangement here: Love Me Tender

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Love Elvis stuff. Thanks for doing this lesson and its an extended one too.

You know your gonna get a lot of Elvis singers on this one, sorry Chief.


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