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Kirk Lorange

You're kidding! PlaneTalk is a Comic Strip?

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There is a very good reason I subtitled my book PlaneTalk 'The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book' ... well, several reasons.


First of all, the lesson is delivered as a comic strip. How often have you seen that? I used that format because, after much pondering about how to convey the lesson, I concluded that a conversation between the teacher and the student would be the most effective. You, the reader, get to listen in as the lesson unfolds. Of course I made sure the student asked all the right questions to keep it all nice and concise. I also drew all the illustrations myself... that took the best part of six months to do. The lesson takes place on a plane, hence the title.



Second, PlaneTalk doesn't teach any tunes, licks, riffs, styles, genres or techniques. It teaches a mindset. It teaches how to think about music and then how to look down at the fretboard and literally see that piece in all its possibilities. I think we all get to a point in our playing where we want to be able to come up with our own versions of tunes, our own arrangements, to be able to play along with other players or the radio without resorting to tab or notation... to be able to converse musically. To hear a tune and play along without tab or notation is one of the most satisfying things ever. PlaneTalk explains how that can happen. With practice, of course.


Third, the book comes with a Slide Rule. You probably have seen the free Chord Slide Rule I have at GfB&B ... the PlaneTalk slide rule is similar, only it displays the very simple trick to the mindset, a little landmark that you already know. When you can get your brain to perceive the fretboard the way it's depicted on the slide rule, you will have learned the most simple, yet most powerful lesson of all.

Fourth, there is a DVD which demonstrates the whole thing in real time to real music without once using tab or notation, mentioning scales or modes or the word Pentatonic. As it turns out, the grid of strings and frets on a fingerboard are just as effective at notating guitar music as tab or the five line staff of standard notation. It's like a built-in graphical reference matrix. We're lucky that way, we guitarists. That fact, the PlaneTalk 'trick' and your fretboard markers are all you need to make perfect sense of guitar music. With practice, of course. Lots of it.


Lastly, there is a private members-only forum where you get to ask me, the author, any questions you may have once once you've bought the package. That's where you'll be able to read from other PlaneTalkers just how pleased they are to know what they know, how this new mindset has cleared the cobwebs away, de-mystified the most one of the most mysterious entities in the world -- the guitar fretboard -- and set them free.


Oh, I almost forgot ... there are 18 online bonus lessons, all specifically designed and rendered to show the power of the PT mindset.


One last thing: It's the only guitar instruction package endorsed by Planet Earth's greatest all-round guitarist: Tommy Emmanuel. So there you go: 'The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book' ... I have a new subtitle for it too, one brought to mind by my customers' feedback:

'The Last Guitar Instruction Package You Will Ever Need'


I put together a promo video for PlaneTalk,


You can order PlaneTalk here | Read Testimonials here

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Comic strip ? Maybe, but it sure is easy to read and illustrated with plane talk for everyone to understand.

No flag waving here cause I don't need to, but I have purchased a number of copies and passed them on to young and old guitar players I know, and even some that I don't.

Just trying to let guitar players know how I feel about this book and its entire program.

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The PlaneTalk book and Slide Rule are revolutionary and a big eye opener. The video say it all.


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