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Kirk Lorange

Doing A Gig In Sydney Tomorrow, Sunday 26Th

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I'll be doing the monthly semi-unplugged duo with the great Kevin Bennett tomorrow at the Bayview Tavern in Sydney ... 4 pm. It's always a great afternoon ... hope to see any Sydneysiders there.


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Gig review - my first:

I went to see one of Kirk's gigs yesterday - the semi acoustic duo line up Kirk sometimes does with Kevin Bennett, formerly with The Flood - one of the best bands in Australia, and currently, sad to say, status: hard to tell.

Kirk and Kevin play together, and sing together, so well. They complement each other perfectly - it's great to see how one or the other starts to play a noodle, or a few notes, and watches to see how long it takes the other one to work out which song it's going to be.

Then the other one 'gets it' and off they go - priceless. There's no real set list - each one comes up with the next song depending on whether one, or the other, can remember all the words to something. Kevin has a few scraps of paper he can grab if he forgets the lyrics of the third verse of a song - for example. :)

They play a mix of rocking-out songs, and heavy beat blues songs, which also often get wound up so they end up rocking those as well. It's impossible to resist the power of the beat they generate, and you can't prevent your toe from tapping or moving in some way to the beat. Steve (fan) finds it impossible to control his enthusiasm as well, even when told to do so. :) They really rock. Kevin's vocals are knockout - and Kirk does a great job on the vocals too.

Just watching how they interact on stage is brilliant. Kevin can start a song that Kirk doen't know, but because Kirk's such a talent he picks it up and after a few bars you'd never know they hadn't rehearsed it for weeks. It works less well the other way round - as Kevin himself says - modesty being one of his virtues - he doesn't say that - I said that (thanks Bob).

So even though Kevin is a great guitarist he is in awe of Kirks guitar talent, and says so - sometimes he fumbles about (his words) until he sees or works out what the chords are that Kirk is playing - except Kirk doesn't play chords of course (in the normal sense of the word), and when he's worked it out, Kevin joins in with whatever he can as back up rythm and vocals - always brilliantly. However, sometimes Kirk heads off on one of his own special favorites, for example, yesterday, it was Georgia. On the rare occasions when Kevin thinks he can't add anything useful in the way of guitar backing or vocals, he just grabs what looks like a homemade shaker and sits back, chugging along, smiling away, listening to Kirk's magic - and as he says, in admiration of KIrk's talent - it happened twice yesterday.

KIrk can keep playing for ever and never repeat himself - a wonder to behold. Last gig, Kevin's acoustic's line-in sound got mangled so he and the sound man were fiddling about trying to fix it for about 15 mins, and Kirk happily noodled away, filling the audio space effortlessly with variations on the Dixie Chicken song (instrumental only during this forced iinterlude), and when Kevin was sorted, they just took off together, swinging straight into playing and singing the song seamlessly - that's maybe my favourite of their regular songs, but there are many - it's hard to choose just one.

So they get a double thumbs up from me, and everyone else who was there - which includes Mary and Dennis (old Flood fans) but doesn't include Matt of course. :)....you really missed a great gig Matt.

Did you bring a letter to school today? 'My dog ate my homework' is always a good excuse, but now that I've suggested that one, you'll have to come up with something else.

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Sorry I missed the show , hopefully next time . Is it set in concrete as the last Sunday in the month?

Kirk wondering if you had considered doing anything with you and Kevin both on accoustic?

Would love to hear you play accoustic live, may'be thats just one too many guitars too cart to Sydney .

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Thanks for the nice review, Carol ... we had a good time.

Yes, Doug ... come on down. If you're anything like me, you'll never leave. I came down here in 75 thinking I'd stay 6 months!

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