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Kirk Lorange

Guitar Chord Slide Rule - Free For All Members.

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If you haven't noticed already, I've decided to make my Guitar Chord Slide Rule available to all members for free. It's an adaptation of the slide rule that comes with my PlaneTalk package, which displays the 'trick' (for want of a better word) to keeping track of all things musical on a guitar fretboard, a trick that I call The Most Powerful Guitar Lesson Of All. Read more on PlaneTalk here.

This one displays all the main barre chord positions and flavors. It's a folded sleeve with insert type of thing. It comes as a PDF which you print out. You will need a box-cutter or similar knife to cut the panels and windows out, some sticky tape to keep it all together. It's very simple to do, and if you mess up, you can just print and try again.

If you're new to the guitar, it will teach you a huge lesson just looking at how the chord shapes move up and down the fretboard. If you're already playing barre chords, it will come in very handy. Click here to get it ...

PS: The Slide Rule that comes with PlaneTalk does NOT require cutting out, folding and sticking together. It's professionally printed on heavy stock, die-cut and ready to go.

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Thank you for the kind gesture as I know it will help many. Love the one I got with the Planer Talk package.

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I lost every thing in the fire. I know the chart pretty well by now. Did save the special brass slide with an acoustical guitar. They were at my sweethearts house. I have since added a Breedlove acoustic/electric. Like it a lot. Also Two fairly nice Srtats. Can't begin to express to Kirk the value of his material to me. Every one should take advantage of Kirks lessons. In my opinion you will learn much faster than from private lessons and you can pick the material you wish to learn first. in addition Clancy handles all problems with grace and dignity. I have missed both of them greatly.

Cheers Danny

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