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Intonation issuses Jackson DX7

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Hi peeps.

I'm having a slight problem with my 7 string intonation.

I've changed the strings to day, ive ajusted the neck and lowered the action and intonated it but im having slight issues setting my low B string its reading that its still 20 cents sharp and my saddle is as far back as it will go. Its a tune o matic style bridge and i'm just a bit stumped as to what i can do.

There probably isnt alot i can do but i would like some opinions on the matter.

Thanks for for time


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I read an article on intonation by Dan Erlewine. He's a major figure for repairs and tech stuff for performers all around the world. He runs a company that sells repair and mod parts on line, Stew-mac.com.

Anyhow, he mentioned that a lot of people will put on extra light strings and then run out of room on the bridge for intonation. He commented that when you go to a slightly heavier gauge, it gives you a bit more room to work with. If you just changed strings, and it's 20 cents off, then you may want to look at the neck to see if there is a bit too much bow. Other than that, I'd let an experienced tech with a good track record take a look at it.

Or. spend another few bucks and go one set heavier on the strings

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Thanks Andy,

I manage to sort it out eventualy. i simply changed my saddle around from I\ to /I it gave me enough room some how to get it to intonate properly.

Jobs a good one and thanks for you reply.

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