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Part of the Family

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I just took this picture this morning while getting ready for another action-packed day at work.

Thought I'd share it with you all. Part of my family just hanging around. The rest of the family is in the cases in the lower right of the picture.

As you can see I got me a Mandolin. I picked it up at Musicians Friend during the "Stupid Deal of the Day" for $40.00. Can't beat that with a stick. It a Rouge brand. Nothing fancy but it's well built and sounds nice.



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Now that's the kind of relatives to have hangin' 'round the old homestead. Mostly your own build/rebuild, Shonie?

The only one I built is the purple/blue strat top middle. The signnature on it is from my good friend Ed Stasium.

The sunburst strat next (left) to it is my american fender which I completely gutted all the electronics redone with cloth wiring, CTS pots, Switchcraft switch and output jack, new orange drop cap, and hand made Rumplestiltskin pups from my good friend Aaron Campbell in Chicago. It's a mean mean blues machine.

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