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$99 Dollar Vox Tube Amp: Stupid Deal of the Day

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You can get a VOX AC4TV mini tube guitar combo amp from Musicians Friends web site on their Stupid Deal of the Day for $99 bucks. I believe they offer free shipping too.


I check this web page out nearly everyday. Sometimes you can get some really cool deals. I got a Rogue Mandolin the other day for $40 and free shipping. I've always wanted to get a Mandolin and for $40 and free shipping, you can't beat that with a stick.

I'd buy the VOX amp, but my wife would get pretty upset with me because I just got the Mandolin. So I'm just passing this deal on to you guys and gals.


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thats some deal shonnie but im picking up the fender vibro champ in the morning i've been playing it in the shop for weeks now it sounds great for a 5 watt amp.

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