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Help: ESP LTD 5 String Bass

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I just bought this ESP LTD 5 string bass yesterday. I got it really cheap. Practically free. I know ESP makes some good instruments so I couldn't pass it up. It's black, maple neck, ebony fretboard, active pups. It has a serial number pressed in at the bottom of the fretboard. I searched the web for some info on it with no luck. Anyone here know anything about this bass? The model, year, how much it's worth? etc....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.









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I don't know much about the ESP LTD base, but if it plays good and sounds right, you got a good deal. It looks nice.


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I notice with most extended range, non-signature model ESP's, they come in any colour as long as it's black. :shifty:

Nothing wrong with that, it's cool. :rockon:

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