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Size of guitar?

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First of I apologize if this topic has been talked about many times already, but I couldn't find any threads that answered what I was looking for..

I'm 18 but short for my age and have small hands etc, so thinking about getting a 7/8 sized guitar.. I've tried researching the different sizes to find the difference between full size, but haven't had much luck?

I have used full size guitars before at school and remember how big they were and really don't think they'd be suitable for me...

So what I was wondering is do you think I could use a guitar this size (7/8)? Like how do they compare to regular adult guitars?

and how does it compare to a 3/4?

Thanks! :)

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I wont go into a lot of detail here just yet but i would like to ask you a question. Have you gone to any guitar stores in you area to checkout anything they may have in stock ? I would suggest starting with any of their classical guitars first as they are usually small and they produce more now with smaller and slimmer necks. Also look for instruments with a fretboard that has 12 frets to the body. Many guitars have 14 frets to the body. Also keep in mind the width of the nut 1 3/4 max but look for 1 9/16.

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