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My first guitar (Yamaha APX1200)

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Yamaha APX1200, not sure if I got the right kind for what I wanted but an artist I know has the APX series as well.

I know there is the CPX and APX, I heard/read somewhere that the CPX is a more spanish sounding/natrual sounding guitar with a much larger body? possibly called a dreadnought or jumbo?

While the APX is about $100 dollars less then the CPX top of the line one and it is a more metalic sound and a thin body guitar.

I am not sure if I made the right decision on that or not, but I hope to one day own both an APX and a CPX

I am just getting started on learning guitar so I figured I might as well do it right!

So here's also my review of the APX1200 by Yamaha and a few pictures of my ACTUAL guitar!

Guitar: Yamaha APX1200 Translucent Black

Top Solid Spruce Back Solid Rosewood Side Solid Rosewood Neck Mahogany Fingerboard Ebony Bridge Ebony Body Depth 80-90mm Nut Width 43mm String Length 650mm Preamp System62

As you can see below, it has a built in tuner!

PERFECT for novices or someone who wants the ease of it I suppose, I am not sure though, I am just a begininer :D

Here's my review,

It's simply awesome! :D Etleast I think it is, I am sure most of you here have some pretty spiffy vintage guitars but this is my baby.

As far as looks go, anyone who see's this guitar, even if they don't play or have played all their lifes, it's simply put a "wow!!! kind of moment guitar"

It has cosmetic apeal, and once it starts being played it's like angels are weeping tears of joy! :)

Sorry I know that wasnt much of a review but I have said it before, I am just starting on guitars :)

I am just very excited and am looking forward to this new hobby! :D






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G'day MDGProject, Welcome to our community.

Yep, sure is a beautiful guitar. I can feel your enthusiasm, and relate to it. You know, even years after buying a guitar, you'll still be able to feel excited when you pick it up. That's something to look forward to.

Have a read through our site. You'll find information about guitars, strings, tuning and lessons. There's always something new going on. When you get stuck on an issue you can search for the information, or just ask the question. Someone will be able to help.

Keep in touch.

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Yes that is a beauty of a guitar. Of course its not in the beginner class as a first guitar, and higher up on the price scale. Looks great. Congrats, and welcome to the forum.

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I must tell you that Yamaha Pacifica is a very consistently well-rated value over time. I've never owned one, but if I was looking for a great starter guitar i would look HERE first. ;)

In fact, I may eventually go shopping for a Pacifica anyway. Wouldn't hurt to have one in my collection. :rockon:

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That's a great guitar, and I would like to say that if you're serious and the guitar is within your means, then it is a perfect beginner's guitar. My reaction is primarily based on seeing some comments that suggest it's not starter guitar. Truth is that there are many starter guitars that turn folks off to playing because the action is bad or it doesn't sound right. Better guitars make people want to play more. So, good luck with it. It certainly looks great and I am sure it plays great.

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