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My new Line6 DT25 Guitar Amp

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What an awesome amp this is. I received mine two weeks ago and it is very impressive. In those two weeks I have played 6 gigs in both duo and full band settings and the amp has been brilliant in both. Haven't used it for recording yet (though I have been busy with studio work I have been recording and mixing others, not actually getting to do the playing myself), but really looking forward to seeing how it sounds when I do.

And it looks fantastic as well. I purchased the 1x12 cabinet from Line 6 as well, but have used a Laney 2x12 cab with the full band gigs. It really packs a punch there!

Maybe the next step will be to try it with a quad....

line6-dt25.jpg?w=219 Line6 DT25 Amp & Cab

The idea behind the amp is to take 4 classic amp sounds (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa) and build them into the one unit. Reinhold Bogner designed the power amp stages (not certain of how much he had to do with the overall design) and has done a brilliant job. The power stage is switchable between Class A (Vox) and Class AB (Fender, Marshall) and Pentode or Triode Mode. Brilliant concept. The power amp stage shapes the sound of the amp so much. Being able to select the gain staging of the classic amplifiers goes a long way to recreating the authenticity of these amps.

The Fender sounds fantastic, very reminiscent of my much-loved Twin that I reluctantly sold 6-7 years ago. It is warm, has that lovely 'spongey' valve feel, nice cut across the stage, with plenty of volume to boot. At 25 watts the amp delivers all the volume I need for the majority of gigs that I do, and at the next festival or entertainment centre job that I have, I am sure there will be plenty of options for mic'ing and monitoring anyway! The power amp stage of the amp allows it to be pushed without deafening everyone (one of the main reasons I sold my Twin!).

The Marshall amp (voicing II) has really allowed me to get closer to the Eric Johnson tone yet again. I normally run a Hotcake pedal into the front end of the amp for lead and the DT25 responds very nicely. Smooth and full, plenty of bite but no harsh or piercing tones...exactly what I like.

I haven't really moved beyond these two settings while gigging so far. The Vox captures the chimey tones one would want from such ask amp very well at home. The Mesa I have yet to explore, but given the quality of the other 3 amps on offer I am certain it will sound fantastic as well.

I am hoping that the Pod HD500 will be in this week and I can then explore how well one integrates with the other via the Line6 link option. Really clever idea, but I shall save that for another time once I have had time to look at it myself.

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Hey Kirk

Yeah they are really good. Did a gig at lunchtime today playing the arch top through it and it handled that really well also. Very impressed with the whole design!

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HI Micky - sorry missed this post! The tone controls all change as the different amp voicings are selected, so that they reflect the way the tone controls on the original amp intercat with one another.

The presence control boosts frequencies between the 2-5k region on most amps that have this feature, adding more bite, brightness or 'presence' to the tone.

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thanks for the reply scotty, i've seen it in the fender fuse software with the mustang amp i have and i just could'nt work out what it really did for the sound.

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