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1965 Fender Jaguar Rebuild Project

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I rebuilt this 1965 Fender Jaguar for a client.

All I am waiting for is the neck for the guitar. The neck needed some major work done on it because it was so worn out from years of playing.

The guitar itself was a total mess. Hardly any of the electronics worked and the entire body finish which was a sunburst originally was sanded down and painted barn red with a paint brush. The red paint got all over the switches and knobs as well as the pickups. I replaced virtually everything on this guitar and repainted it an original Fender Olympic White as per request from the owner.

This guitar was a mess when I got it. I tried my best to save all the original electronics. The only electronics I could save were the 3 switches and the pickups. The electronics I could not save were replaced with original Fender replacement parts. All wiring was redone with matching cloth wiring.

Most of the chrome plates were replaced at the clients request as well as the entire bridge assembly and tremolo with original Fender replacement parts. The pickguard was replaced as well with a genuine Fender replacement.

A ton of work went into rebuilding this vintage Jag. I know these guitars are worth a lot of money when they are in original shape, but this one was so far out of being in any shape at all that it really wasn't worth much when it was handed to me for the rebuild. I know the value of this guitar will not bring in as much as an original but at least now the guitar will be playable once again and look much better than it originally was. I'm sure my client will be very happy with it when the guitar is complete.

If you have any questions about this rebuild, feel free to ask.

For more detailed photos of the guitar being taken down, you can view the set on my Flickr site here.






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You did a good job. It looks like you put a number on hours into it. I have a '67 Custom Jaguar that is still in pretty good shape. I need to clean the pots.


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Thanks! I did spend a lot of time on this guitar. Many many hours....I really enjoyed working on this one. It was quite a challenge..

I'm still waiting on the neck. When I get the neck on and get this axe all set up, I'll be sure to take some more pictures. I'll do my best to get a sound sample up, but like I've stated many times before, I'm really not a very good player. I always tell people I know more about guitars than I know how to play them. LOL


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