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CUBASE and latency

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I'm doing my second album with my Internet friend Philippe from France.

I only play drums on those albums, he is a hundred times better at guitar than I am! Oh sometime I sing background too.

Anyway, when I send him my tracks, and he loads them into CUBASE, there is always a latency between his tracks and mine.

I.e., my tracks 'lag' by precisely 0.54 seconds behind the originals. So he has to adjust them in CUBASE to match his.

When I put together his tracks and mine on Audacity, and also on my recording hardware, there is no latency.

I have googled this and the answers are mostly about changing buffers in CUBASE, or adding a pre-interface hardware.

Changing buffers causes other things to change, and a pre-interface loses some functionality.

He has worked around this, but it is just one inconvenient step in the process.

Wondered if anyone knows a '100% certified' solution to this that doesn't need to be performed every time and doesn't lose functionality or performance in CUBASE.



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A trip to France is the only 100% certified solution I can think of - but remember I'm a recording dunce so there may be cheaper options, but no other way that's more tempting.

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You may already have a solution to this, but have you checked the sample rate between projects?

That can cause this sort of behaviour.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Cubase is not on my computer, it is on my collab'ing friend's. I sent my friend a number of links about the problem, but if I remember, it seems to be something about the buffering required for fidelity and performance vs. the buffers (or maybe the size of the buffers) for avoiding latency.

I don't know if he has made any changes, he has learned to use an offset that is always the same to get us into sync. I have done several collabs with him about 2 months ago but he has not published them yet.

Anyway, I'm leaving it to him to decide what he wants to do.

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Probably more to do with the type of sound card than with Cubase.

ASIO sound card driver 'mode' is the lowest latency format, usually used for recording. But when mixing tracks WDM/KS (for PC) with an adjusted buffer setting is the norm.

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