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Help wid strings ?

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i have a yamaha electric guitar , i recently bought new strings for tht, and i keep it in hard case, but whn ever i kip it in the case for more than 5 7 days, strings lower ones esp catch rust , what can be the problem

are the strings defective or wat , i have a classical too but it got no rust

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I think you have a humidity problem.

at our place there is no humidity .... but rains some times, its a cold place...

i had put d addario strings one size less than regular one .. can u tell some other brands of good strinsg

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Try Elixir, they are coated, this may help with the rust proble. If its not humid, then the problem may be in your hands. They may be leaving too much sweat on the strings. Also clean them before you put the guitar away.

Some people have a high acid in their sweat.

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The classicals probably have bronze wound strings over a nylon core. They won't show the kind of rust you're bothered by.

Your electrics will have a steel core in the strings and regardless of the winding around the outside, they can rust.

The moisture from your skin may be enough to start them rusting. Try keeping them very clean by wiping them after every use.

As Eddie says, the humidity in the air, while it may not feel much, is sufficient to rust strings.

(Eddie, you pipped me at the post!)

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Aussie slang ... sorry Eddie. Horse racing term referring to the lead horse being beaten right at the last second (at the winning post as it were.)

In our situation, you got your answer in just a whisker before I did, when I thought I was the only one replying.

I'll have to remember to use the Queen's english with a little more care.

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If you hands have a tendency to sweat while you are playing, it will corrode the strings. Make sure you wipe down the stings and the guitar before you put it away. This should help.


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